The English Fry Up

If there’s one guilty pleasure in London I enjoyed, it’s the English Breakfast or “Fry Up” as the Brits call it. The breakfast is a plate full of the good “greasy stuff” that we crave but can only have when we want a full-on blast of bacon, sausages, beans, and toast. To some, it may sound all too much but since the “fry up’ is pretty much served in most coffee shops, pubs, and little restaurants it’s all about finding the right place that makes it just deliciously appetizing and yummy.

We were lucky to have our “fry up” in the posh London neighborhood of Notting Hill/Kensington. It was a perfect sunny morning for a stroll and we stumbled upon a small cafe that serves the best morning plate in our neighborhood.  It costs about no more than £7 and was a  “Full English Fry Up” that consists of bacon, sausage, two eggs, fried tomatoes, fried beans, fried mushrooms with toast and butter. Of course, there are there different varieties of items such as pudding, oatcakes, scones to add depending on which part of the UK you are in but to make it a complete English meal tea or coffee is a must.

It was a perfect start to our first British morning welcome. In true English fashion, serving a delicious, hearty breakfast was a gesture of hospitality to visiting friends and neighbors. A London morning stroll in a great neighborhood and a hearty fry-up is a sure fire way to lovely English morning. ⌘

London Field Notes: English Breakfast £7 – Most English Coffee Shops – Started our day in London with a huge breakfast like this one below so we can take on a full day’s worth of energy and be set to go and see the sights.  Some days, Cherilyn and I would share on one plate with two coffees and we’d be full all day.




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