Fab Four

A trip to Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood is a must for every Beatles fan that visits London. During my trip, Cherilyn and I made our way via the Underground to visit the site where the Fab Four walked the street on Abbey Road (aka Zebra Crossing).

I was excited to be taking the same path that one of my favorite bands took. But I noticed that crossing the street by myself didn’t do it as much justice unless you’re with three others crossing together. Cherilyn and I had to take turns taking individual photos that looked fine for any tourist wanting to get that souvenir shot but I really felt that there was more to the crosswalk than that.

Now we were lucky to have arrived quite early before the crowds of Beatles fans came strolling in. There were only a handful of people around. That’s when I was approached by a woman and her husband. She asked if I’d like to join her in crossing the street while her husband took the photo. She agreed that being alone crossing that street doesn’t do it justice. I told her I was thinking the same thing as well.  So I said”of course” and I asked Cherilyn to come along. So now we were a trio but really needed one more to complete the shot. So come along a group of young friends hanging out in the corner. One of the guys noticed we were turning our heads for one more person to join our picture quest. One of the guys noticed what we were up to and asked if he’d like to join us, he nodded and agreed to be our fourth Beatle. The fab four is now complete.

As we walked and crossed Abbey Road together, we all for that moment stood in solidarity for our “beloved” Fab Four. We laughed and shared the photos via AirDrop and even discussed why we love the Beatles so much. At that moment, that very moment, it didn’t take long to realize all it took was really “a little from my friends” to make a big difference.


Abbey Road -Zebra Crossing

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