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Journey On

Perpetualist is a journey, an ongoing movement dedicated to living an intentional quality of life. It is ever moving, ever evolving, and ever-changing. Founded in 2008, by Jerianne B. Banson.  Jerianne began her journey to dig deeper into the essentials and joys of everyday life.  Learning from mistakes and overcoming challenges, it is in her stories, the lessons, and the answers to the questions she sought out that the Perpetualist was born. The movement is where awareness, intentionality, faith, and culture intersect.

But most of all Perpetualist is about discovering a life well lived. It ignites the lost art of living well. It is a multi-platform lifestyle brand engaging one to explore, learn, and grow. We hope you enjoy the adventure and fun it brings.

Join us in discovering a more meaningful life through love, faith, wellness, culture, values, and relationships to the deep philosophies of humanities, to the simple ways, we keep aware, awake, alive.



Jerianne Banson, WGA

Writer, Producer, Director, Creative Thinker, Editorial Strategist, Conceptualist, Journalist, Songwriter. Entrepreneur

An aesthete who loves literature, philosophy, history, art, music, theater, film, and all the creative dimensions of human consciousness. Her foundations lie in perfecting the balance of intellect, faith, spirit, and soul.

Jerianne lives in San Francisco and is an active participant in the human expression.