It’s so easy to live a life that focuses on one simple goal: our own. Everything around us pushes us to create the life that we want, to make sure our own goals are the ultimate prize. We find ourselves fighting our way through the crowd by being selfish or sometimes even bending our values to make sure we get what we want.

But we often forget what our true inner spirit and goodness tell us. That it takes more than our own agenda to reach our own desires and that success is not only just getting what we want. We must remember precisely what we ought to value most in life. To some, it may be love for family and friends, to others it may be their strong religious belief or their love for God, or it may be a simple passion for the world and to love others as much as ourselves.

Selfless living doesn’t mean neglecting ourselves or having others take advantage or get the better of us. But it is in finding the right balance of compassion and self-indulgence that we can center our core of success. It’s a reminder to put our faith into bold practice by doing little “brownie points” as my mother puts it. Brownie points are small, kind gestures that make a difference. It’s doing something a little out of the ordinary. Opening the door for another person behind you, giving in to the right of way for another driver, calling a lost long friend to catch up or just being aware of our pleasant attitude when dealing with stressful people. Simply pause and take the time to make a small difference in the life around you. With random acts of kindness, we can shape an atmo­sphere where people are lifted up, an environment where our day is lived gently, kindly, and respectfully. These will help turn our successes into a more substantial and meaningful outcome.

In a Perpetualist way, I believe that we can be the stars of our own movie, with the moon, the sky, and God as its director. It’s time to turn faith around and make it matter to the world around us.


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